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Giddy up horsey - in the water?

Swimming with horses? No way, I thought. That was my reaction the first time I heard of swimming with horses, I dismissed it as being crazy. Still, here I was one Tuesday in June sitting atop Ziggy, rigid with fear as his muscles flexed beneath me. In my head I was questioning my ability to control him. I was petrified that he was going to bolt. "Are you crazy, what have you got yourself into?" I asked myself repeatedly more>>

Ride on Braco Stables

Braco Stables held its annual appreciation trail ride for local and international tour representatives and operators last Thursday. The horseback tour, a two-hour scenic ride across the Braco Estate, through Trelawny's countryside and along the shore, tells the story of eighteenth century plantation Jamaica. Tour operators, who sell the tour to visitors from around the world, found the first-hand experience uniquely delightful and some were riding a horse for the first time more>>



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