Guest Comments and Feedback
Tera McClish “Loved the horses in the water – awesome! Thank You!”
Mike Williams
Knightwick, U.K.
“Fantastic! Never ridden before, but it’s given me a real taste for it!!”
Ghosh & Wadekars
“Amazingly great horses, great guides and great trails!”
Charmaine Bobadilla
"The best time I’ve had since coming to Jamaica!”
Terry and Nicola
London, U.K.
“Excellent trip. Would definitely recommend it. Fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would do it again.”
Karl and Ally
Texas, U.S.A
Tricia Hughes
“You guys are great – you made us feel very welcome. I had a good time.   The guides were great! Thank you so much!”
Liz Battle
Red Deer, Alberta U.S.A
“Horses were fantastic, guides were the best. Thanks Byron”
Alexandria Noble
“C’etait tres, tres beau”
Anthony Passaure
Very enjoyable. The guides were very nice and knowledgeable.
Brenda and Sharleen Cheung Fantastic Hike and Bike Tour. Dane was wonderful and knowledgeable! Thank you so much.
Gordon Dermott U.S.A Great time, wonderful ride. Great guides!

The Private Horseback Ride n' Swim Tour

Horseback Ride n' Swim Tour

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